Month: September 2017

The Best Affordable or Free Logo Maker Tools

The Best Affordable or Free Logo Maker Tools

In the era of expensive business logo designing there are platforms and services that offer affordable logo designing and even free logo making. Small business owners often are left with two primary choices, viz. either to appoint professional logo designers to create their business logo spending a lot of money or to give up the idea of such expenditure and start creating a logo by their own. In both the cases risks are ingrained. There is no surety that a professional logo designer will provide you with an exuberant and successful business logo and there is also no surety of the fact that your own creation would click in the market. Hence, small and medium scaled business owners must be out in the look for affordable logo making platforms and even for free logo making services.

Logo Maker is one such platform that offers free logos. Logo Maker’s free logo maker tool gives you the opportunity to select from some best clip-arty images available and transform them into logos through simple processes of editing and customization. Logo Maker gives you the freedom of getting your logo either in a web format for free through the generation of an HTML code snippet that can be put on your website. But though such design can be of low resolution, for obtaining a high resolution one you might have to spend few dollars in an affordable manner.

Logo Ease is another free logo maker tool that can be directly downloaded from the Internet. If you want to create the logo through Logo Ease then the software would give you the high resolution files that have no strings attached. Though the art and images are limited, you may still make out some beautiful and professional logos from such limited resources. Moreover, if you think that your logo has become generic, you can change the same by using the Logo Ease’s editing tools that are quite handy.

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A small or medium scaled business owner might access, a site that can provide easiness in designing and creating professional business logos. The website offers myriads of attractive fonts and illustration options, but one has to be warned that customization is quite limited. You will not have the freedom to move images or text around and you would be confined in terms of changing font sizes and colours. To obtain a high resolution logo from you have to spend a little. Then you have the Logo Snap by Guru Corporation, a logo designing site that allows accessing varying degrees of illustrations and fonts. The site gives you the liberty to customize your editing and it also offers logo for free. Though the site asks for a small donation to keep the site going, but the same is not required to access a high resolution logo. Finally, you may access the Cool Text site that has very limited services to offer but are perfect in rendering a text-based logo that comes in various fonts and sizes without much illustrations.